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        The Composition and structure of the SHC allows you to design an automatic control systems for all levels of complexity on a single hardware and software base. This significantly reduces the cost of training, the organization of maintenance and repair. The Unity of software and hardware, the single developer and manufacturer of a the SHC allows you, in most cases, significantly reduce the complexity of reconciling the various subsystems of ACSTP



        Redundant SHC "Avtonit" - is a fail-safe and recoverable system. The complex continues to operate after any single failure. Applied structural solutions allows you to replace the defective unit without the interrupting of process and stopping of the control object.


External Communications

        The ability to place the equipment of  SHC in close proximity to technological equipment allows you to reduce the length of cables those required for connecting sensors and actuators and also to reduce the cost of building cable runs and flyovers. The length reduction of connecting cables increases the stability of the system by reducing the level of line noise.


Noise Immunity

        Design of SHC's units, the multiple galvanic separation, and the applying of fiber-optic communication lines increases resistance to the effects of impulse noise and electromagnetic interference, and reduces the possibility of damage to equipment in case of accidents or human error. 


Free equipment layout

        The ability to design the layout of single, duplicate and redundant channels allows to obtain a structure optimized in terms of reliability and cost for each object.


Design approach

         The use of computer-aided design (CAD) reduces development time, reduces the likelihood of errors, speeds up commissioning and greatly simplifies the adjustment of software under the existing object.


Redundance of power supply system in local SHC and automated workplace stations

         Power supply of local SHC is carried out from two networks - the main and reserve supply. If any one of two power voltages is absent, operability of a complex is completely conserved. All secondary power sources used in local SHC, are functionally distributed and duplicated that allows to effect their substitution without the shut-down of local SHC. Computers of workplace stations of operator-technologist and engineer of ACSTP are equipped with an uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), that allows you to save operability during a power outage of ARM for a time determined by the characteristics of the applied UPS


Triple redundancy and duplication of I/O devices in local SHC

         At the local SHC the redundant inputs of analogue signals and two-position signals are implemented, also the majority outputs of discrete signals (commands in the form of relay contacts), redundant output signals for the mechanisms proportional action with analog control and switching mechanisms of the constant speed. The any module of any subsystem of the local SHC can be turned off, removed and replaced with the serviceable one, without of turning off the local SHC.

       Operability of the redundant local SHC also is fully preserved, when all the devices in one of three channels (including the processor unit) are faulty or disconnected


Redundance of Data processing Unit in local SHC

         Any one of three data processing units (processor unit) might be switched off, removed and replaced with a serviceable one without the equipment stop and shut-out of the local SHC. When connecting the newly installed controller with two working ensured complete alignment of information, synchronizing and the unstressed control.


Redundance of communication lines

         The redundant Data processing Unit is connected with the I/O controllers of the local SHC, which use the redundant Profibus channel, and also with the top-level workstations by three fiber optic cables (or three "twisted pair") that allows you to save operability of the system when the single faults


Software and hardware complexes Avtonit,

When working in harsh operating conditions, solve all the problems

 Arising from automating complex emergency hazardous industrial facilities

 And provide the best performance in terms of reliability, accuracy and speed

 Redundant software-hardware complexes Avtonit save their complete operability with any single failure


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