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Information functions

·         Collecting and information preprocessing

o    Data collection

o    Filtering

o    Scaling

o    Linearization

o    Comparison with the setpoints of warning and alarm 

·         Display on automated workplace videograms

o    Status of technological units and shutoff valves in form of dynamic mnemonic symbols

o    Operating modes of the equipment in form of text banners

o    Controlled parametres in digital form, in form of histograms, virtual analog devices, trends and graphs


·         The alarm of deviations, automatic Load transfer, interlocks and protections

o    Sound alarm

o    Initiative creating of text messages on displays

o    Alarm by color and blinking on displays

o    Ability to connect of voice alarm


·         Calculations of:

o    Parameters by the formulasandtabular dependence

o    Main parameters on indirect

o    Technical and economic indicators

o    Operating time of technological equipment (motor-hours, quantity of starts, etc.)

o    Parameters to optimization of technological process


·         Registration and archiving of the data

o    Continuous registration of:

§  Values of technological parameters with increments 10мс (1s, 1m, 1h) for last 30 days (you can increase the depth of retro )

§  States, deviations, alarms, commands, failures etc. (300 000 events with an option to increase)

§  Actions of operating personnel (operators, engineers, admin)

§  Commands from related automation systems

§  Diagnostics signals the state of SHC


o    Initiative registration of:

§  Emergencies (5 minutes before and 5 minutes after of the initiative signal with step-type behaviour 200 ms)

§  Contingency situations (1.5 minutes before and 1.5 minutes after of the initiative signal with step-type behaviour 10 ms)


o    Creating and printing by the command of the engineer ACS of the following documents:

§  The report about analogue parameters

§  The report about discrete parameters

§  Graphs of transient processes

§  The report about warning and alarm

§  Files of emergency events

§  Files of abnormal situations

§  The report about changes of protections state

§  The report about changes of regulators state

§  The report about changes of blockings state

§  The report about actions of protections

§  Technical and economic indices, operating time and the equipment state

§  The report about SHC's malfunction

§  The report about actions of the operator and the engineer

§  List of users

§  The report about the administrator actions

o    Information storage on hard disks with ability to record DVD.

·         Communication with adjacent systems of automatics

o    Interfaces - any standard interface by request


Control functions

·         Remote (manual) control

o    Switching on and off of any executive mechanism of discrete action

o    Control to buttons MORE / LESS for actuators with analogue action

o    Changing of presettings of any control loop

§  All the actions in a mode of remote control, are possible only in presence of resolving signal


·         Logic (discrete) control

o    Step-by-step control

o    Functional-group control

o    Automatic start, stop and switching of process equipment mode


·         Automatic analogue control (regulation)

o    Feed fuel control (gas, steam, oil, etc.) at start-up and operating modes

o    Restrictive regulation

o    Capacity and frequency regulation

o    Regulation of technological parametres (temperature, pressure, the expense, level, etc.)

o    Impulse control of mechanisms of constant speed

o    Analogue control of proportional executive mechanisms

o    Realisation of typical laws of regulation: P, PI, PD, PID


·         Emergency protection

o    Technological blocking

o    Automatic inclusion of a reserve

o    Emergency stop


·         Synchronization of the generator with electrical network to parallel operation

o    Measurement of the phase difference of generator voltage and the network voltage

o    Control of normal slipping

o    Definition of the moment of inclusion

o    Command transfer to the breaker with a preset lead-time

o    Definition of real time of the high-voltage switch inclusion

o    Display of synchronization process on the screen(virtual synchronoscope)


Automatic diagnostics of: 

·         Sensors

o    Communication line control

o    Malfunction estimation on a gradient in a zone of admissible values


·         Executive mechanisms

o    Control of communication lines, integrity of windings, power supplies presence

o    Serviceability control on time of operation of trailer switches

o    Serviceability assessment of actuators with analog action by the dynamics of performing the given commands


·         Measurement channels

o    Measurement of control voltage


·         Channels of input of discrete signals

o    Check by control signals


·         Controllers of processing of the information

o    Self-testing

o    Checking of:

§  Communications between processors of bottom level and the upper level

§  Communications between processors of bottom level

§  Exchange errors

§  Errors of the control sums

§  Passages of the test of channel Ethernet

§  Integrity of the downloaded software


·         Data exchange channels

o    Control bits

o    The control sums

o    Counters


·         Target devices

o    Checking on operation of output relays

o    Checking the value of output signal of contours of regulation

o    Checking relays

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